The Models

tell us about the models...

What scale are the models?

We produce HO Scale mostly.  If you are into N Scale, we can also produce these in resin.

How are they produced?

The models are all designed on computer for production on a 3D printer.  We use an FDM (PLA filament) printer for the bigger items and an MSLA (resin) printer for the finer details.  

What colour are the models?

We generally print in grey or white, however other colours ara available on request.

What glue should I use on the models?

We have found that CA adhesives (super glue) work well on the PLA and resin models.  The PLA can be porous, so we recommend clamping the model for 10 – 15 minutes until the glue dries.

What paint should I use?

We have used a variety of paints on the models with good results. 

  • Using rattle cans from the hardware store has worked well on the larger surfaces.  These paints do not dissolve the PLA or resin.
  • multiple thin coats work best.
  • The FDM models do have visible layer lines, so a coat of primer/filler and some sanding may be necessary if you are after a super-smooth surface.
  • Other paints such as Humbrol or Floquil work well.
  • Steam Era Models paints are recommended for airbrush use.
  • Acrylic primers and paints also work well.
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