Established in 2020

I’ve been a railfan as long as I can remember.  Don’t know why? I’ve been interested in model railways since receiving my first Lima train set at the age of 3. 

Fast foward a lot of years to 2019 when I bought a 3D printer.  Lots of junk was downloaded and printed, but there had to be more, right?  I had vague ideas of modelling Old Tallangatta and portions of the Cudgewa line, so with the help of my 3D design expert son Aedan, I started creating. 

Soon an HO version of Tallangatta Station was gracing my kitchen bench.  Then followed the platform, outbuildings, carriages and Aedan started on the turntable, loco shed and other things.

We had a lot of interest in our work from other modellers, so here we are!  Have a browse, let us know if you need more information or variations on the models on offer. 

We’d be keen to see photos of any of our products on your layout, and perhaps feature them here or on our Facebook page, so please send us pics!

Happy modelling!

Trevor & Aedan

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